Thursday, March 20, 2014

What dark circles?

Concealer has to be one of the best inventions for those of us with things to hide. Whether it is dark circles, blemishes, or hyper pigmentation, with the right products, no one will ever know. Here are some of my favorites for hiding the results of little or no sleep.

I’ll start with my all-time favorite: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. This is a little miracle in a tube. It is perfectly pigmented and blends under the eyes without creasing. It not only is undetectable under the eyes, but also covers blemishes perfectly. Okay, I know this post if about under eye concealers but I want to give you the full picture of why I adore it. This product it not light reflective so it is perfect for blemishes too. When you are treating acne, the harsh chemicals and acid tends to dry out your skin; because this is creamy, it does not cake and flake off around the blemish.

Another great camouflage that’s a little more budget friendly is L'Oreal True Match Superblendable Concealer. This is a little bit thicker than the Nars, so it takes a little longer to blend out, but it is still a great concealer. It does not cake or crease either.

On top of these, I use Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer. I made the mistake of purchasing the brightener rather than a color that matches my skin tone. As the name indicates, it brightens the area… and it is extremely pink toned! Because of this, it does not work to conceal and requires me to use it over the concealer. The plus to this product (and why it made it into this post) is it does make me look bright-eyed and rested. Next time, though, I will buy the right color and see how it works to mask the dark circles.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer Illuminates, Perfects is what I grab when I have just rolled out of bed and need to be out of the house ASAP.  Lately, that seems to be case; the snooze button is my worst enemy!  I just swipe this on and dab it in and it looks good. It does not cloak the under cast of the eyes as well as the other two, but in a rush it works well.

What’s you favorite cover up for bags and dark circles?

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