Saturday, March 22, 2014


View from our balcony of the Jardin Des Tuileries

As a little girl I had always dreamed of living in Pairs; I think most little girls have this wish, too. Between the architecture, the desserts, and the sophistication, Paris is romantic. Who wouldn’t want to live there?  

Anyways, that dream never came to fruition; however, two years ago I managed to convince my husband to go there on vacation. Right before we were scheduled to go I had a moment of panic. What if it didn’t live up to my expectations? I am dragging my husband along, who doesn’t even want to go, and I am worrying that I won’t even enjoy the trip.  The worst of it came when we were at the airport waiting for our flight. Over a glass of wine and dinner, my husband decides this is the time to tell me all of his reservations about this trip. Needless to say this was not turning into what I was picturing.

All that changed once we were in Paris. The hotel was beyond our expectation. We were upgraded to a king size bed with a balcony. Granted the balcony looked onto the back of the Westin, but the building was beautiful and at night we could see the reflection of the Eiffel Tower in the windows. The City of Lights was stunning. The people were so friendly and nice, unlike what you hear. As we walked around Paris, my husband repeatedly said, “When we come back….” This began his love affair with Paris and only strengthened mine. Ok, I could go on forever about Paris, but I will stop here. I am sure I will write more in other posts.

I have recently found two things that have brought me back and I wanted to share them with you.

The first is a T-shirt from Piperlime (Here). I had a gift certificate for the Gap and saw this and knew I had to have it. I love the burnout on the T-shirt and the writing is in velour. I paired it with a blazer to dress it up for work.

The other find, to me, is so much more exciting and delicious. When I think France, rich pastries come to mind. While I was scouring the aisle of Trader Joe's, again, I discovered in the frozen section, Chocolate Croissants.  They are uncooked, so you lay them on a cookie sheet at night to let them defrost and rise and in the morning you bake them for twenty minutes. Mon Dieu!!!! Besides the aroma that fills the home, they taste amazing. Just sit down with a Café Au Lait, close your eyes, and you are taken away to a street café in Paris- I can hear the accordions now.  Whenever I am missing Paris, which is quite often, I break these out (not good for my waist line, but as the French say all good things in moderation.)

I can’t wait until our next trip.

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