Thursday, April 10, 2014

Local Business Love

I love shopping at small businesses. They take the time to make or carry specialized products. There is something wonderful about the thought that things haven’t been massed produced. It feels like they made it just for me. This weekend I discovered two new companies l love.

I went to the Natick Mall to shop at yet another commercial chain, and what a pleasant surprise to stumble across Westborough Wicks.  This store, out of all the chain stores in the mall, called out to me. They are a husband and wife team who make soy candles.  As I was lost in enjoying all of the wonderful scents, an extremely helpful sales associate assisted me in choosing the perfect fragrance.

I ended up picking two candles to try. The first was Emerald Pear. While it smells similar to the Victoria’s Secret Pear Glace aroma, it has an almost a beachy undertone to it. I know I am going to enjoy burning this as it reminds me of a fun trip I had in college when I went to Los Angles for a racquetball tournament. It was the first time I was introduced to the VS Pear Glace lotion.

Also, I picked up the Lemongrass and Sage candle. This candle had a nice, fresh citrus essence that will work perfectly in the kitchen. It reminds me of one of my favorite chicken dishes that I prepare with lemon grass.  I started burning this on right away and love the smell and it burns clean, no black soot. If you are interested in Westborough Wicks and do not live near the Natick Mall here is their website: - they do online orders.

The other company I found is Library of Flowers by Margot Elena. Library of Flowers describes it self as an American small batch perfumery. I don’t know why, but that just drew me in. The store had the scents from the Paper, Cotton, & String collection. There was a full array of body products, but I decided to get the Perfume Sampler with all three scents. I know I cannot do them justice but I will try and describe them.

The first perfume is called Field Of Flowers The top note is Apricot, the middle is Honeyed Blossom, and the bottom is Wildflowers. It smells like a sundrenched field of flowers. With one whiff of this sent, I was transported, way back to my college years when I worked for a Bigelow Nurseries. I can picture us at lunchtime, spending our break laying in the sun, sharing funny stories and watching the clouds roll by in a small clearing surrounded by flowers– This is what I ‘see’ when I smell Field of Flowers.

Honeycomb, the second in the collection, is my favorite.  The notes on this one are Sugared Figs, Ambrosia Honey, and Royal Bee Blossom. If you are looking for a summer scent, you can stop looking because this is it. This is a beach in a bottle.  It reminds me of when Steve and I used to live in New Jersey. We used to go to Ocean Grove, a small beach town with amazing Victorian homes and beautiful gardens right on the water. When the ocean breeze blew, both the smell of the flowers and the ocean air would combine into the most delightful scent.

The final scent in the collection is called Linden which has the notes of Linden Blossom, Narcissus, and Clover Honey. This is a crisp and green scent reminiscent of a July afternoon out in the sun playing whiffle ball, while the smell of my mom’s flower garden drifts through the air.

I am incredibly happy with all three scents and can’t wait to start using them.  

What local businesses do you love? 


  1. I love supporting local businesses! Have you heard of Heart of Stone in Sandwich - she makes beautiful jewelry and also sells really neat gifts and nick nacks!

    1. I am definitely going to check them out this summer when I visit the Cape! Thanks.

  2. I too love supporting local businesses and also love it when others feel that same appreciation towards artisans and specialist owners putting themselves out there and while making money going for what it is they love to do. Your featured products look great and I love lemongrass with sage. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love supporting local businesses! I always find some interesting stuff from the ones around here. Looks like you found some great things!


  4. I love discovering new products/companies and supporting small business. That's why I usually shop downtown for birthdays and holidays--I'm pretty sure the recipient of these gifts don't already have them because they're unique! Great finds!

  5. I totally agree with you-small businesses are the best!