Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Morning Rush

 I used to be a morning person. One of those annoying ones, that is a little too chipper and annoyingly happy, at least that is how my husband would described it. There was one morning (3:00 am) he was driving me to the airport and I was enthusiastically going on about whether our locate Dunkin Donuts opens this early. I managed to have the whole conversation out loud all by myself. To this day I am surprised he did not open up the car door and push me out.

But at some point after kids, I am no longer a morning person and ironically not a night person either. I’m more a midmorning to early evening person. I have to drag my behind out of bed in the morning and make a beeline straight to the coffee maker. Thank god for programmable ones!!! My oldest son is not a morning person either, and he is only 9. In his teenage years, I can see him still lounging about in bed until noon on the weekends. 

Even with all the prepping I do at night (showering, making lunches, making coffee, etc.) I still struggle to get everything done in the morning.  Which ends with me not having breakfast until 10:00 after I have already gotten to work and typically it is not the healthiest of meals as I grab some processed food that can be scoffed down between calls.

This week I have discovered the best breakfast ever and it can be made and eaten quickly in the morning between feeding the boys breakfast and getting them dressed. Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits in Green Fusion. It is a blend of fruit and veggies. The directions do say to blend it with apple juice. However I try and stay away from juices. The amount of sugar in them can send anyone into diabetic shock! I add 8 oz of water with a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder and use a hand blender to combine it. The protein powder adds a milkshake vibe to the taste. Even my 7 year old guzzles it down and he has no idea that he is drinking broccoli and spinach! And all that is left for clean up is a couple glasses and the hand blender, which can be quickly rinsed.

What do you go to for a quick and easy breakfast during the hectic morning routine?

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Keeping Toasty Warm

One of the amazing aspects of going part time is that I am able to be more involved in my children’s after-school activities.  About two to three times a year the school provides superb after school enrichment classes. The programs range from Karate and Zumba, sciences programs and crafts.

I was so excited I was chosen be a volunteer in the crochet class. While I have been knitting for the past few years, I have never learned how to crochet. Now was the time! I hopped right on YouTube and started learning. My first project was a bit ambitious but my son was thrilled with the Pikachu hat I made for his Halloween Costume.   While it is not perfect, I could do better now, I thought I did a decent first job.

Since then I have made several other hats and a couple throw blankets. This past week I have been cranking out the ear warmers.

With trying to lead a healthier life style, Lego and I started the C25K program. (There is a free app for your IPhone.)  Because of the cold New England weather I needed something to protect my ears. I hate wearing hats while running; I find that my head gets too warm with a hat, but I need protection for my ears. Nothing worse then that cold burning sensation from leaving them unprotected. The ear warmers come in so handy for that. Plus I can use up left over yarn and they are so simple to make. What a perfect combination!

Both ear warmers were crocheted using an H hook and bulky yarn. For the tan one I chained 50 and did a slip stitch in the first chain creating a circle. I then did 5 rows of double crochet, chaining 2 at the end of each round. 50 chains were a little too many and it is a little loose. The black and white one was created chaining 45 and single crocheting 11 rounds with a single chain at the end of each round. This one is the perfect fit.


What projects have you been working on? Have you tried a new craft?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Cold Months Ahead

In December, I welcome the crisp air and the gentle snow fall. The twinkle lights are up adding a charm to the winter, along with the anticipation of Christmas with friend and family gatherings and festivities. Now that Christmas is over (how did that happen?) the cold depression of the winter months are lying ahead.  Time to start hibernating and looking forward to the spring.

This Wednesday evening as I took the dog out for our nightly ritual, it was -2 F. That does not even include the wind chill. Can you say BRRRRR.  And there are 3 more months of this.  Anyone else dreading this?

To get through the winter there is nothing better than curling up on my oversized chair with the dog and kids. Yes we can all fit! Love that chair! I grab a cup of tea and  we settle down with a good book. We are currently reading Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King (The Guardians Series #1) .

Needless to say I don’t tend to dress up in the winter. The goal is to stay warm. My cold weather wardrobe consists of thick leggings, warm sweaters and shearling boots.  I purchased this sweater from Banana Republic Factory Store this fall and it has been one of my favorites (similar here and here .)  With its thick, heavy knit it is easily one of the warmest sweaters I own.  Just throw on one of the Old Navy Perfect Long Sleeve Tees.  

My favorite leggings for this time of year are the Kohl’s Vera Wang ponte leggings (Similar here). They are much thicker than normally leggings adding extra warmth.  

And as if I can’t get any more comfortable I throw on my BEARPAW Lauren Snow Boots.  The fur lined inside is so warm and soft; I wish I could crawl on in and stay there until the Robins come back!

 What is your winter uniform?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year New Beginnings

Hoping everyone had a magical holiday season and a great New Year!

I have started typing this post so many times and have no idea where to start. Where the heck have I been? I am sorry for neglecting you. Seems like schedules took over and left me hanging on for dear life! Between soccer, scouts, work, appointments, I have put my blog last and have really missed it.

As the New Year comes around I have spent time reflecting on last year and what I can improve on. While last year was a great year with watching the boys grow, going part time at work, and adding to the family (see picture below), there are still ways to make this year better.

Normally, resolution making is not on my agenda. There is just too much pressure on them and by March they have been thrown to the waste side and you’re left feeling disappointed. However, after the last year sweeping me up, I need to make some goals and keep them!

First off I will be posting once a week in the blog. I already have a schedule for each month and will be sticking to it. Last year posting 4 times a week while working full time and shuffling the kids around was unrealistic. This plan is much more practical.

Secondly, after spending the majority of last year eating pizza and chicken nuggets, I need to start living a health life. Notice I did not say go one a diet. This is about being healthy and taking care of myself.  If a few pounds drop off, great! I am going to cook again more often and even freeze meals and just reheat them as I go. Along with eating healthy, I am going to get my butt in gear, even if it is just going for a walk. No excuses, especially seeing our newest family member needs it.

Lastly my life needs to be more organized and decluttered. I purchased the Erin Condren Life Planner back in September. I cannot sing its praises enough. Besides being stylish, it keeps all our weekly activity on one page and makes it easy to refer too. I LOVE IT! I have also decided to create a Home Management binder. I found some great free printables from It has everything from cleaning schedules and meal planning tools to budgeting worksheets and important number charts. It is going to be so refreshing having everything in one place rather than rummaging through the house for it.  

What are your goals for the New Year?