Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Snow–in

Yet another snowstorm has hit New England. While I am grateful I am not on the Cape (Cape Cod)(as they are expected to get the brunt of this with 15+ inches) it looks like we are homebound for the evening.

While I am not thrilled with the prospect of shoveling out tomorrow, I figured I would take advantage of the situation. After the boys nod off, I am going to pamper myself!!! 

I have a girl’s night planned for tomorrow evening. It has been so long and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone.  So I will take this time to prep myself.

Here is the line up…

I am going to start with a nice relaxing bath, and what is more relaxing then Lavender? I received a sample of L'occitane Lavender Foaming Bath and figured I would put it to good use tonight.  I will relax in the tub, inhaling what I can only image that the lavender fields in France smell like, and sip on Teavana's White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos Tea. I am not a huge peppermint person, but it’s not too strong. It gives the chocolate a refreshing taste and is a wonderful indulgence on a cold night. It really is magical and it is on sale now as it was limited edition for the Christmas season.

After my bath I plan on slathering myself with The Body Shop’s Cranberry Joy Body Butter. This was a Christmas scent that they no longer carry. I think I am drawn to this today as it has snowflakes on the package J. I love how rich all Body Shop Body Butters are; they keep the itchy, dry skin away.

Can’t leave out the facemask and manicure when pampering yourself. I am going to use the Fresh Rose Face Mask. It is a gel-like formula which feels refreshing. The rose moisturizes the skin while the mask has cucumber and aloe, which calms inflammations in my skin. 

Last, but not least, I am going to adorn my nails with Essie Cocktails and Coconuts. This new color is part of Essie’s Resort 2014 line. I have already tried Find Me an Oasis and Under the Twilight and love them both so I can’t wait to paint my nails with this one!!!!

How are you spending your Saturday? Are you staying in or hitting the town?

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