Thursday, February 27, 2014


Growing up, I remember beautiful landscape photos in my parents family room. When you looked at them you felt like you were actually there. The inspirational talent behind the photos? My Aunt Janet; my mothers twin and my namesake. I find it amazing that my mother is a twin and she had twins, as I have a twin brother!  Side tracked again! I was always in awe of the details in the photos and how she brought them to life.

Another amazing photographer in the family is my dads mother, my Grammy.  To this day there are only 2 photographs of me as a child that I actually like, and she took them both. She has a great way of capturing the subject in a natural setting. Most of the time, she didnt have us posing, but rather took spontaneous photos. It made for a professional looking picture.

Both Grammy and Aunt Janet also used to develop their own film! In todays digital world, can you remember what film is? Grammy still, to this day, has a dark room  in her house. It seemed like hard and tedious work especially as most of it had to be done in the complete dark before you could turn the red light on, hence why they probably called it a dark room (blonde moment).

Its amazing how far cameras have come. The digital world had made pictures available immediately rather than waiting for film to be developed. I have always wanted to learn more of photography and to be able to use a manual camera.

I have recently purchased a compact system camera. I wanted to splurge on an SRL but right know that is out of reach. The compact system is great as it has the interchangeable lenses and manual settings. I cant wait to dive in and learn how to use it.  When I learn how to use it and whether I like the camera, I will share the model and my thoughts on it.

In the meantime, I would like to share the pictures I take and will be adding another weekly post to my blog. On Sundays, I will be doing my week in pictures. Hope you enjoy it.

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