Sunday, February 1, 2015

Easy Mexican

There is nothing better than a Margarita on the rocks with salt and a spicy dish to accompany it.  I have always loved Mexican food. As a child once a month we would have tacos on Saturday night. I always loved taco night!  My brothers and I would scramble to the table and load the tacos up with all the fixings.

When my husband and I lived in New Jersey, we would frequent Jose Tejas in Fairfield NJ. Besides having the best margaritas around, the food was fabulous as were the prices. When we moved back to Massachusetts I was devastated that there was not a good Mexican restaurant in our area. 

One of my coworkers suggested a place in Cambridge called the Border Café. So Steve and I made the trek into Cambridge. We opened up our menus and SURPISE; it was Jose Tejas’s menu. We call the waiter over and found out that it is the same restaurant but different names. If I wasn’t such an introvert, I would have gotten up and done a happy dance then and there.

I have been trying to recreate some Mexican dishes at home so we don’t always have to make the journey into Cambridge when the desire hits. I came across this slow cooker recipe for beef barbacoa from the (Recipe Here
It is amazing. The whole family loved it. That does not happen in the house very often. Actually it might be the first time that the family was unanimous about liking a meal. And it was so easy, just leave it in the crock pot for the day and by dinner it is already.

I served it up on tortillas, with sliced avocados, fresh salsa, and sour cream. It was the perfect dish to satisfy my cravings.

What is your favorite Mexican dish?

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