Saturday, January 18, 2014

My very first post!! So exciting! I have wanted to start a blog for quite a while now… Why haven’t I until now? I have to admit I am a little nervous putting myself out there (so be kind on the comments J); I also wanted to plan out exactly what my blog should be. However if I waited for the perfect opportunity I still would not have it up. So I decide to just jump in and get started!!! This will probably be an ever-evolving production.   

So why am I doing this? I enjoy reading other blogs and seeing everyone’s ideas. I not only want to record my favorite things but share them as well.

I love fashion and beauty and hope to share my favorite outfits and beauty products. My style is very comfortable and casual. I have 2 little boys that keep me quite active, so while I love me some heels, it tend to wear more practical shoes. Although I am sure my husband would get a good laugh out of watching me chase the rascals in a pair of stilettos (I am not the most grace person.) I love comfy sweaters with skinny jeans, especially for these New England winters.

I also love to cook and bake. My oldest son, for health reasons, is gluten free. I enjoy taking my favorite recipes and transforming them into Gluten Free foods that my family loves. I have found some great, tried and tested, products that help me accomplish this. I am hoping that I can share some of my triumphs with others that are struggling with a gluten free lifestyle. I may even share my disasters so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

My goal for this blog is to try and post two to three times a week. Hope you will follow me along this journey!!!

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  1. Hey New England gal! Hope you're staying warm up there! :)