Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring has Sprung … Nails

Finally, the weather has started to get better. Anyone else ready for warmer weather?  Only a few small patches of snow remain in my yard and the crocuses are popping up. Yesterday, it was so nice out the boys and I played catch in just sweatshirts. However, Wellies were the foot attire of choice as the back yard is a mud pit.

With spring here I am finally ready to lighten up on the nail polish. These are my favorites right now.

From Essie’s spring collection, I keep grabbing Find Me an Oasis and Resort Fling. Find Me an Oasis is a beautiful pale blue. It reminds me of the color of Elsa’s dress in Frozen (my current obsession, can you tell I’m a parent of young kids?). Resort Fling is a beautiful coral, I’ve been told it is the same color as Essie’s Tart Deco, so if you have that one there’s no need to purchase Resort Fling. Coral always reminds me of Nantucket.  When you browse the shops in town, it is a reoccurring color in many of the items, especially the home décor.

Nail Inc’s Notting Hill Carnival and Haymarket always make an appearance this time of year. They are the quintessential Easter egg colors. Yellow is not normally my friend.  Being pale and blonde, yellow normally washes me out and clashes with my skin.  This yellow, while it has a pastel undertone, is bright enough that it does not wash me out.  Haymarket is described as a duck egg blue; however, I think is looks like a bright mint green.

I am in love with Sephora’s new nail policy line Formula X. My nails always come out glossy and smooth. The colors I adore right now from them are Eureka and Thrilling. Eureka is a vibrant fuchsia; perfect to brighten the April showers. Thrilling has been my go to neutral color as it is a light nude taupe.

What are your favorite color nails for the spring?

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