Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Morning Rush

 I used to be a morning person. One of those annoying ones, that is a little too chipper and annoyingly happy, at least that is how my husband would described it. There was one morning (3:00 am) he was driving me to the airport and I was enthusiastically going on about whether our locate Dunkin Donuts opens this early. I managed to have the whole conversation out loud all by myself. To this day I am surprised he did not open up the car door and push me out.

But at some point after kids, I am no longer a morning person and ironically not a night person either. I’m more a midmorning to early evening person. I have to drag my behind out of bed in the morning and make a beeline straight to the coffee maker. Thank god for programmable ones!!! My oldest son is not a morning person either, and he is only 9. In his teenage years, I can see him still lounging about in bed until noon on the weekends. 

Even with all the prepping I do at night (showering, making lunches, making coffee, etc.) I still struggle to get everything done in the morning.  Which ends with me not having breakfast until 10:00 after I have already gotten to work and typically it is not the healthiest of meals as I grab some processed food that can be scoffed down between calls.

This week I have discovered the best breakfast ever and it can be made and eaten quickly in the morning between feeding the boys breakfast and getting them dressed. Jamba Juice Smoothie Kits in Green Fusion. It is a blend of fruit and veggies. The directions do say to blend it with apple juice. However I try and stay away from juices. The amount of sugar in them can send anyone into diabetic shock! I add 8 oz of water with a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder and use a hand blender to combine it. The protein powder adds a milkshake vibe to the taste. Even my 7 year old guzzles it down and he has no idea that he is drinking broccoli and spinach! And all that is left for clean up is a couple glasses and the hand blender, which can be quickly rinsed.

What do you go to for a quick and easy breakfast during the hectic morning routine?

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